John Omer


                John Omar Kazi started Modeling with photographer Abdul Qayum at a very young age. He auditioned for the role of Arif for ptv lahore for a show called Grift and qualified for the part. he has also worked for writer and director Aftab Iqbal for Bahaar Aney Tak.
2001 Syed Noor casted him in the movie Sapney Apne Apne and Dakait which was a hit at the box office. In 2001 director and producer casted him for the role of Faizaan in Kabhi Tum Juda Na Hona followed by the part of Shakeel in Saas Bhi Aik Maa Hai the same year. He played a cameo apperarence in the movie Laaj directed by Rauf Khalid In 2003 producer and director Haider Imam Rizvi casted him for Baap Ka Maal Hai and Tapti Chaoon directed by himself and Izhaar ul Haq respectively. The same year director and producer Ata Ulah Baloch from PTV casted him as Badar for Mitti ki Moorat. In 2004 Mr. Ali Rizvi from PTV casted him for the role of Pasha in Jahan Basey Dildar. He also experimented by doing a Punjabi show by Director Ali Akbar, Khaid Mukadran Di the same year. In 2005 he appeared as Seemab in Dulhan, which was produed by Syed Afzal Ali and directed by Imtiaz Ejaz Khan and Faheem Burni In 2006 the role of Majoo was offered to him by producer and director Seema Tahir Khan in the Epic drama Shrin. The same year he was casted for the role of Ramzan by producer Seema Tahir khan and director Qaiser khan Nizamani for their serial Kaanton Se Aagey. In 2007 Arjumand Rahim casted him for the part of Gul for his soap operah Kahan Hai Manzil directed by Adeel. In 2007 He worked for producer Sajjad Gul and Mahnoor Baloch in Jaane Kyun. He Also appeared in shows like Maala and Baitiaan as a guest star. In 2009 John carefully started selecting his projects, accepting the role of Saleem in Sehraa Aur Samander directed by late Ali Rizvi and produced by Ptv. In 2009 director haider Imam Rizvi also casted him in Jab Naam Pukaray jaenge which was produced by Aaj television. In 2011 John omar kazi appeared as Adil in a soap operah produced by Adeel Faran written by Mohammad Ahmed and directed by Faiz. John has performed in theter shows, The Darkside of the moon and Vampire The Masequarade in Hollywood. He has also performed in tv shows Creepy Guy and Undeateables in Hollywood and also performed in films such as American Ware wolf in Tokyo and enough. he later performed in Pakistani Drama Chanar Ghati for Ghazanfar Ali. His success rate has been 90 per, meaning 90 percent his dramas have either been the highest grocers business wise, or have won single or more awards for there respective channel awards as best dramas of the year. Dulhan, Mitti ki Moorat, Jahan Base Dildar, Earthquake 2005, Khaid Muqadran Di, shrin, Kanton se agay are to name of few. John Omar Kazi is internationaly acclaimed for excellence from Hollywood as he has been sponsered by the iconic Actors Studio headed by the Hollywood greats late Martin Landeau and the legionary Alpcino who head this historical home of the greatest actors in the world.

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