John Omer


Jahan Base Dildar:

                  After the success of Mitti Ki Moorat, Pakistan television casted John Omar Kazi for the role of Pasha in Jahan Basein Dildar, a romantic serial directed by Ali Rizvi and written by Taj Haider. This 13 Episode serial showed the life of a young girl (Nazneen) who falls in love with a poor painter called (Pasha) and their life after marriage. The show starts with an unfortunate incident when a honey moon train turns upside down destroying the lives of many people related to it.   Amongst them were a very important couple of Pasha and Nazneen who were going on a honeymoon. that accident paralizes pasha leading to the diversion of the attention of nazneen towards a rich politition. Grossing a 32 million PKR s

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