John Omer

1. John Omar Kazi stranggled at Laaj screening:


Omar played a cameo in the movie Laaj directed by Rauf Khalid. At the first day of screaning John went to theater to watch Laaj. While coming out of the theater he got stranggled in between the crowd and had to be pulled out by the security.

2. John's resemblance to Hollywood Actors:

John’s Ethnic looks make him popular in the west. He is often perceived as (Vincent Chase) from Entourage played by Adrian
Grenier in the tv series. People also compare him with Robert Pattinson from the movie Twilight.

3. John lives star life:

John Omar Kazi likes to live a star life he can be found working out and Swimming in the Gymkhana Club (Country club). He likes riding, badminton, football and ping pong. He likes to hanging out with friends. He is particular about shoping and loves brands like Zinnia, Locoest and Tommy Hill Figure. John likes to travel,his favorite holiday destinations are las Vegas Nevada and Miami Beach Florida (USA).

4. Who is John Dateing?


John Omar Kazi has the same kind of female fan following as Vincent Chase in Entourage, with Doctors, Architects, Teachers, Air Hostesses and
models wanting to get up close and personal. John has been linked with costars like Veena Malik (Kabhi Tum Juda Na Hona),
Saman Agha(Dhulan), Esheta and Milli. Rumors were later denied by the actor.

5. Misses:


John is selective in making career decisions and had to pass on to Kaanch Ke Par directed by Ayub Khawar to give time to his debut project Grift, later done by singer and actor Ali Zafar. He declined the roles in Fankar, Dhund, Tum Mere Ho and Azar Ki Aye Gi Barat which were later done by actors Ahsan, Jibran and Hassan Respectively.

6. Manager:

John Omar Kazi has been managed by top managers, but is currently being managed by his father.

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